I’m looking for my knight in Shining armor 

A man of strength, a man of honor. 

I’m going thru my list and description in my mind

A man to my liking, a man who is kind 

Prayers up to bring this to fruition 

Leaving it up to my ambition

To find the perfect soul mate

Bring him to life through fate



But wait… 

I’m not the perfect woman…

Hold up, hold up, …  oh man!

Why she even got this list??

Who does she think she is? 

A list of perfection when she is so imperfect? 

Get yourself right before you get checked



It makes no sense 

Sitting in suspense 

Ain’t in the right mind

She don’t got the time 

Creating an imaginary man and hold every one to those fake expectations

Sitting around wondering why she got so much frustration 

She trying to get a dime piece when she ain’t got no peace let alone a dime 



Still don’t know who she is inside 

Those real parts she always trying to hide 

Never found a break-through or self acceptance 

Full of grief and repentance 

Yet she’s  trying to find the perfect man 

He don’t exist nor does she

Haven’t found herself or her inner peace 

You see people want all these things thinking it will make them feel better, but it’s more than just the feels 

It’s become a trend setter.

Holding these men to some fake expectation 



Growing weary in hope and losing your patience 

When what you need is to work on yourself 

Look within and grow some wealth 

For your mind, spirituality and peace 

Before you get caught up in between the sheets 

Then You’ll start compromising 

And you end up crying 

Because inside you’re dying 

Your entire life confining 

What you are truly capable of

Relying on self without self love

So when you gonna throw that list away? 

Before yourself you betray

Listen deep inside, it’s best to obey

What does your inner voice say?

Forget about the perfect man

Work on you and devise the perfect plan

The rest will come 

Best be prepared so you don’t fall  

Wake up, rise up, be the Queen you were called to be 

Stop living lies and misery

Recognize your self worth

You are the salt of the earth

All of your sins have already been forgiven 

So rise up and live the life you supposed to be livin’

~ Sonia Contreras