(Full Disclosure)

The article you’re about to read started as a Facebook status, and the thought kept expanding. Don’t judge me! Enjoy!

Let’s take more time getting to know ourselves and what drives our thoughts on a micro level. Let me explain what I mean by this.

Consider times when you’ve been let down or disappointed. Now instead of thinking about what the disappointments were, think more about the factors surrounding those disappointments and consider how much impact they had on how you processed the level of disappointment you experienced.

Not sure if this has been inspired by my current binge of the show Lucifer; but the Devil is definitely in the details. We must consider all factors to our pain triggers like disappointment and maybe even annoyance so that we can effectively come up with a plan to manage those pain triggers better.

That’s true healing right?

The hardest place to look for most of us is inward, so I’m going to give you a cheat code so write this down. Follow your shame. It can honestly be that simple and here’s why. Shame pushes us to hide, hiding makes us deny, denial can skew a perception.

This is why I’m challenging us to dig into ourselves more and really pay attention to details. Doing this continues to shape how you see the world and how you grow beyond pain. Who knows, you might see some prior disappointments a different way.

There’s no expiration date on healing.

– Leo