S.E.E.D. Students Engaged in Ethical Donations

2020 was definitely a transformative year. People around the world were forced into finding new ways to go about their everyday lives. Many areas we seemingly took for granted were greatly impacted. One area that was hit the hardest is our education system. Administrators, educators and leaders have scrambled most of the year to figure out what would be best for students moving forward into 2021 and beyond.

Founder: Atllas Hopkins

Students were one the most impacted groups. From where to hold classes, to those seeking resources to attend online, the shift sent many students and their parents into a panic. That is what led 19 year old Atllas Hopkins to found S.E.E.D. or Students Engaged in Ethical Donations. Along with his friend and co-founder Jaiden Gillette, they set out to create a space where students can get involved and learn the importance in community giving.

Co-Founder: Jaiden Gillette

Here’s how it works:

  • Interested students must be between the ages of 16-21 years old
  • Students must be enrolled in High School, College or Trade School

While those are the qualifying basics, the vision of the program is actively getting involved! The organization is structured so that students who become members of S.E.E.D. hit the ground running. Each member will be responsible for serving a total of 250 hours annually on a committee of their parent company R.E.A.P. which is also a community giving tree with adult members and volunteers.

This cross training/mentorship will lay the foundation for S.E.E.D. members while giving them the practice to easily apply what they are learning to help grow their own initiatives. Even down the membership fee, this helps to give members an organic example of how giving works and the importance of it.

Founder: Atllas Hopkins

It’s time to get up, and get active with S.E.E.D. and help these young adults get much needed business, leadership and life tools that can propel them to lead our world to a brighter future. In a word, we must Plant the SEED! 

For more information, or to get involved please follow this link and plant your S.E.E.D. Plant The Seed

– L Croft

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