Rogue Company: An hour was all I needed

Hello again all!

I think about a year ago I started noticing a recurring ad showing a 3rd party shooter coming soon with the name Rogue Company and today I’m happy to report to all the gamers out there that its amazing! This was a very welcomed change in a world that seems dominated by clones of existing games. Sure, there are plenty elements to the game that feel familiar but I’ll explain how this exiting new game sets itself apart.

Let me start by saying this is NOT a review of the game, because as the title suggests I only played for an hour and that isn’t enough time for a full rated review. An hour was plenty of time to get a feel for the mechanics of the game. Rogue Company feels great, the gunplay is spot on accurate and the use of cover fire is highly encouraged but not a necessity. This adds a hidden choice of play style element that is usually missing in PvP shooters.

The weapon system is another added plus. Each character has their own operator set but can also retrieve weapons in the field. The weapon upgrade system is similar to what we see in Paladins. Players are given the option on every respawn to buy weapons and also upgrade them. Currency is earned by your performance in the field. The limited OP weaponry allows players to organically develop and hone their skills and makes trying new characters far less painful.

Rogue Company Gameplay

There are three game modes that are simple and to the point. Demolition is the game’s competitive mode, and feels a lot like search and destroy. One team has to locate, arm and plant the bomb while the other team defends. I didn’t spend much time on this mode because I didn’t dare venture into competitive play as a new player.

Strikeout is Rogue Company’s quickplay/casual option. This is where I spent all of my time playing the game. This mode feels very close to R6 Siege. There are limited respawns and the mode is played in rounds of attack and defend like in R6 and Overwatch. What I appreciated about the time I spent playing this particular mode, was the emphasis on working as a team. Even when I tried playing more rogue I failed miserably every single time.

One thing I think this developer does well is shorten the learning curve. Death after death I felt I learned more about the mechanics of the game and was starting to develop my own nuances for performing well. The hit boxes seemed pretty accurate, and all of the weapons and equipment was well balanced. I would say my only gameplay complaint is the odd use of the D-Pad for a melee attack, but maybe the awkwardness will wash away once I dive deeper into the game.

My recommendation is to definitely pick up this game. It’s $30.00 (usd) available for digital download only at this point. This game has quickly become one of my PvP favs, and I’m excited what this team has in store for us in the future.

– Mr.Croft


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