New App “The Rotation” Provides Rental Service for Streetwear



The Rotation, a new designer wardrobe for rent company founded by Zach Podbela and his college friend Barron Roth, bring a type of rent-a-center to streetwear.
There goal in creating The Rotation is to give users the access to rent designer streetwear.

They have different monthly subscription plans, depending on the type of streetwear and between two and four pieces at a time.

Rotation include Yeezy, Adidas, Kith, APC, and more. The Rotation also has a app available on your app store. Zachary Podbela, the brand’s co-founder and CEO, has said he hopes that his platform could help launch up and coming streetwear brands.

With the focus being rental, it gives the customers an diverse variety for a fraction of the price it would cost to own. Why go buy something when all you really want to do is use it or wear it for a day. Rental allows consumers to cut straight to wearing items with one click. Visit

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