Long Game Recovery

I awake with the urge to aggressively collect my thoughts and calm my body. Was I having a terrifying nightmare? Was I still dreaming and this was all in my head? Or maybe one of those half awake moments where I physically exerted energy in my sleep.

None of the above, in fact my body shook me from my sleep so I could focus on the fact that it was difficult for me to breathe and have the energy to move. So much of this may sound like some of the stories that many of us have heard from those that were currently battling COVID-19, but this story is slightly different.

I survived COVID-19 at the tail end of 2020, and the symptoms were severe, but not enough to be hospitalized. The aforementioned experience is actually something that happens at a frequency no less than once per month.

That’s right, months later the long term effects of Covid on my body continue to present themselves in this manner and others.

This is why I say..

Please take this seriously. Here’s a quick list of blatant changes to my PERSONAL LIFE since having COVID-19.

– Sleep: Schedule has changed. Energy that would last most of the evening start to fade early afternoon.

– Appetite: Takes far less food intake to satisfy.

– Taste: Although my symptoms didn’t include losing my taste and smell, my taste buds have seemingly changed. Foods I once loved pre COVID-19 I can’t stomach to ingest.

– Body temperature: Temp has been significantly lower than ever before. Also I developed a hypersensitivity to changes in temperature. This can sometimes be crippling; (e.g. Chills so bad I can’t move and have trouble catching my breath).

– Scatter Brained: I’ve noticed times where I have to focus hard to merely concentrate on trivial tasks.

There are so many more I could add to this list, but this is the worst of my personal lasting effects. I hope sharing this sheds light on how brutal this thing is, and inspire you to be safe and take it seriously.

For more information on COVID-19 please visit the official CDC faq page: Official CDC COVID-19 FAQ Page

– Leo C.

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