Date Night…. But Make it Pandemic

Restaurant Review by Moni G.

Whether you’re in a fresh courtship or lovers who have been married for years, date night can be crucial in keeping the connection alive. With hectic schedules and separate lives, it can be a challenge to find time but we prioritize and make the time. Now add a global crisis and a whole new set of challenges arise. This is why I decided to share my date night experience at amid the notorious Covid-19 Pandemic.

Now when the news of a new deadly virus first hit, we were able to still go out to restaurants, I remember having a ladies brunch in Scottsdale one Sunday morning back in March. After the stay at home orders were lifted, I went out for dinner and drinks, again in Scottsdale around June. Both times I had gone out, I spent a ton of money on mediocre food and felt uncomfortable by the service. Overcrowded restaurants have never been my thing, even pre-coronavirus. I only had a good time because I had gone with my girlfriends.

So, naturally when it came to a night of romance and chill with bae, I wanted a true fine dining experience outside of the overrated confines of Scottsdale, Arizona. I literally google searched “fine dining near me”. It was as simple as that. The first result that came up was Top of the Rock Restaurant. This gem is tucked inside the Marriott Phoenix Resort Tempe at the Buttes. It is visible from the Maricopa freeway and has the most amazing view of the city.


Now keeping our safety and health at the forefront of the situation, I called ahead to ask about their cdc health protocols, hours of operation, and the usual list of questions when preparing to venture off to some boujie establishment. Here are a few key details – reservation, and masks are required. They do accommodate for social distancing so space is limited. The only time masks can be removed is during seated dining. It was a relief that both employees and patrons alike gladly obliged keeping everyone as safe as possible. What I also appreciated was that the employees did not remove or improperly wear their Covid PPE at any time, and hand sanitizer stations greeted us at the entrance.


Okay, can we talk about the food and the views now? We sat outside overlooking the entire valley of the sun. The 7:15pm dinner reservation on a hot summer night in July made the perfect time to enjoy the sunset and an amazing bottle of Chloe Rosé. For dinner we enjoyed the tai shrimp along with some salmon and quinoa. The shrimp was delicious and the salmon was so well cooked it practically melts in your mouth.

Overall, I have to say this is my favorite restaurant in the state. When you’re ready to step out for a night on the town, I would definitely recommend this place. From the atmosphere to the vibes, it is a class act. The next special occasion, I look forward to heading to the Top of the Rock!

– Moni G.

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