Dana. “Let Us Prey” EP, REVIEW


We just check out a artist name DANA, and may i say content inside music is still alive. His latest project “Let Us Prey” EP drop in early January. Starting off this Ep with a pray from Jay Tatum “Tatum Grace”, then getting right into the title track and lead single “Let Us Prey”. Dana’s Lyrics and beat choice definitely show chemistry, the passion is there, you can tell Dana is thought provoking and takes his time with his music, not rushing a bar. On the track “Therapy” Dana wants you see both sides of the coin from all perspectives, the positivity in his music is very inspirational. Dana storytelling flow is through out the 7 track EP, showcasing that all his verses has a subject matter to it. After listening to this project in its full length, it had me wanting me to heard more from Dana, i expect we will be hearing more Dana in 2020.

Check out more from the artist, we provided a link to Dana’s latest project “Let Us Pray” below and more.


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