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In a era of mumble rap, emo rap with singing melodies and mood swings. Tay Da Crown continues the golden era of hip hop, showing that classic boom bap can survive in any wave of hip hip, even a 2020 pandemic. Alot of artist dont get there paids due, get over look or don’t get there recognition. Tay Da Crown without being given, has crown himself king.


A street poet with poetic flow ables the listeners to understand clearly the message that Tay Da Crown is getting across. Capturing the essence of hip hop, the phrase ” I AM HIP HOP” that is exactly what Mr. Crown is. Even uprising in the merch department with his line “Crown Custom Creations” with T Shirts, hoodies, face masks, Dominos, weed trays and MORE. Tay Da Crown perform in front of major crowds and with the best of them, im talking about main acts, even being co sign by legendary hip hop group Wu Tang Clan and Ras kass just to name a little.


His collaborations with producer ATM The Professional seems like the perfect relationship for his rhythm style and ATM’s production style. Tay Da Crown Always “Sets It Off” which is a reference to his classic song “Set It Off”, he is getting ready to release a project, to the streets its a… if you know you know. Some of Tay’s poetry has bee published in the National Library of Poetry when he was just a freshman in high school.



Already reaching higher levels Tay Da Crown has said in a interview ” I carry that pride within my music and try best to illustrate different stories that I’ve encountered over time, things we can all relate to”. As a fan these lyricial audio books have been very enjoyable.


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