Arizona Hip Hop is heating up before summer. The Arizona music scene has release many incredible projects these couple of months and have raised the bar for quality independent music. From lyricism to production Arizona Hip Hop is to compete with the world. Here are some music projects that have release, carrying a heavy buzz in the streets and on the charts.



Futuristic release his new project ” Still On The Rise”, shows more a serious side of the artist but keeping to his unique rhyme flow. The project features the likes of RITTZ, KAP G, CHRIS WEBBY, DEVON MITCHELL and more. The track “Wit My Dogz” is a fan favorite, “Sorry For The Wait” starts off the album, where the artist just spazzes on the track. Before the release Futuristic was giving $100 to Instagram followers who help him promote his album, saying “I pay marketing companies all this money to promote my music when in all reality, I should be giving it to you,” he said in a video he posted to his fans on all of his social media accounts.

Check the album below


MAC THA PHARAOH drops off a Care Package with his new project. Already creating a heavy buzz from his production, this showcases more of his incredible beat making skills and his talent of bring artists together on tracks. The EP features comedian Marlon Da Gr8, Delly Everyday, Sincerely Collins, J.Rob The Chief, Stevie Hardy, Marquel Deljaun, Bookie and more. Tracks like “Let It Bang” and “High Tide” are definitely highlights on the EP. You can tell that Mac The Pharaoh hand pick quality artist for this project and aim for a certain sound, hitting his target. This “Care Package” should be enough to hold you down till Mac’s next delivery.

Check out the release below


One thing about Hip Hop, it’s not about your disabilities, it’s about your abilities. Odd Squad Family showcases there lyricial abilities and there great song making skills. The Flamingo Complex has no weak points, creativity is there, concepts are there, lyrics are on point, production hitting… it’s all there. Members N.U.B.S., Snowman and A-Factor make up the group Odd Squad Family. If you are a hip hop fan this is the hip hop album for you. They’re song “Smoke My Pain” has generated 1.4M streams on Spotify, but some highlight songs on the album are “Going All The Way” and “Yeah Dat”.

Check out the release here


Artist Dela Preme is dropping a new project at the perfect time. While we are self quarantining, Dela Preme put together “Quarantine Preme” which drops May 30th and is available for Pre order on itunes. Dela Preme release a surprise music video called “Chrysanthemum” making his name more heavy in the streets. This track is definitely a statement and a scary one, making it known that preme is bar ready. The release of the single makes me curious on how this project is going to sound, what approach or direction is Preme headed. With the anticipation high and landing #7 for pre orders on itunes, can’t wait to see what Dela Preme has cooked up.

Pre Order Dela Preme’s QUARANTINE PREME on iTunes


J.Rob The Chief’s new EP “Tales From The Dale” is days away from it’s release. J.Rob has become legendary in Arizona Hip Hop scene and has make a name for himself with his hard work he puts in. So what do we expect with this new EP, well according to J.Rob himself he wanted to do something he has never done with this new EP. The Chief is also offering a chance to win $100 when you pre order. Last year J.Rob The Chief release his EP “EIGHT” which was a fan fav, so It’s curious to what his new approach will be on “Tales From The Dale”. The AZ King has release the songs “GOAT TALK” and “Quarantine Robbie” in anticipation of the new project.

Pre order the New Ep “Tales From The Dale” on iTunes


What can ITSDUB not do, from music, to videography, my man does it all. ITSDUB drops us off with a 5 PACK his new EP, it’s pack with nothing but heat. The melodies throught out the EP is current with the time but you will catch yourself riding the waves of the harmonies. This 5 track EP run time is 16 minutes but you find yourself replaying songs because the replay value is there. Highlights songs on this project “INTROVERT” and “SUMMER WATERS”. ITSDUB stays busy but he found time to drop a project for his fans to hold off a little while til his next project.

Check out ITSDUB EP “5 PACK” here

ATM The Professional- CHOW MAIN

ATM The Professional is a all round artist, from his incredible Artwork, Production, his creativity is a unmatched one. ATM has drop 3 beats tapes this year and now a new EP called “CHOW MAIN”. ATM is one of those i believe is slept on or maybe he is feared. If you actually breakdown his lyrics, it becomes knowledge thats exactly what he wants you to do, breakdown his lyrics. His seems like his style is more golden era of hip hop. Alot are not who they are in their music but it seems like ATM The Professional is exactly who he is through his music, through his art. When you listen to his music you’ll feel like you met the guy. Hot records on this EP our “SWITCH IT UP” and “SEEDS”.

Check out ATM The Professional’s NEW EP “CHOW MAIN” here


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