Adobe Premiere Pro Updates Software




  • Freeform Project panel – Visually review, organize, and storyboard your media. Assemble rough cuts and then drag them right onto your timeline for editing.
  • Rulers and guides – New rulers, guides, and grids make sizing and aligning graphics and titles easier. Snap graphics to guides or each other. Color-coded guides ensure consistent positioning for lower thirds, logos, and more.
  • Auto Ducking for ambient sound – Powered by Adobe Sensei, Auto Ducking for ambient sound utilizes AI technology to detect dialog or voiceover and automatically adjust background sound. Adjustments are keyframed and easy to fine-tune.
  • Faster mask tracking – Speed up color grading and effects workflows with improved performance for HD, 4K and higher resolution content.
  • Improved titling tools – All your titling and graphics tools are in the Essential Graphics panel, plus new options like multiple strokes, stroke styling, and background fills. Replace font families in a Motion Graphics template with one click.
  • Graphics enhancements – Drag and drop multiple Motion Graphics templates into the Essential Graphics panel. Group shapes and apply masks from the Essential Graphics panel.
  • View menu – A dedicated View menu consolidates Program Monitor commands, such as magnification and playback performance and new Guides.
  • Audio efficiency – User-requested improvements include the ability to re-order audio effects and to copy and paste effects across clips and projects.
  • Performance improvements – Improvements include new 10-bit hardware decoding for smoother HEVC playback on Windows, faster hardware decoding for H.264 and HEVC on MacOS, and RED Metal acceleration.
  • Frame replacement for decode errors – Instead of replacing problem frames with red frames, they are now replaced with a copy of the adjacent frame.
  • Shortcut support for non-English keyboards – Shortcuts are automatically mapped to non-English keyboards including German, Japanese, French, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, and Norwegian.
  • Image scaling options – Choose between absolute or proportional scaling to maintain correct positioning when reframing or resizing sequences.
  • Expanded format support – Import native Sony Venice V3 files and 32-bit AIFF audio media along with recently introduced support for ProRes Windows (13.0.2) and ProRes HDR (13.0.2).

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